The Executive Intelligence Team

Jerry Komisar

Vice President, Starr Companies

Mr. Komisar served for 31 years with the Central Intelligence Agency’s Clandestine Service.  His initial concentration and assignments were focused on China, where he served as an interpreter/translator in Chinese, produced political/economic analyses on China and Taiwan, and acted as a senior advisor to the United States government on China issues. He served abroad in several countries in East and Southeast Asia, and Europe. Between foreign tours, Mr. Komisar occupied senior positions at CIA Headquarters, the last of which put him on the CIA board that oversaw the production of the President’s Daily Brief.  Mr. Komisar finished his CIA career as Director of the Crime and Narcotics Center, which was responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and disrupting worldwide illicit crop cultivation, the processing of illegal drugs, and their transport to the United States.  He worked closely with US and international law enforcement agencies in helping to break up drug trafficking organizations and dismantling money laundering operations.  Mr. Komisar retired from the CIA in 2000 and immediately went to work for Mr. Greenberg at AIG, where for the next nine years he provided risk analysis and assessment services to AIG managers and clients.  He joined the Starr Companies in 2012, where he currently oversees production of Starr’s Executive Intelligence Brief and other security assessments, working in close support of Starr’s insurance and investment units, and many of its clients.

David Cohen

Senior Advisor, Starr Companies

Mr. Cohen, who is well known to most New Yorkers, is one of the world’s leading authorities on intelligence analysis and operations, with expertise developed over a nearly five-decade career with the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] as well as with the world’s largest metropolitan law enforcement organization, the City of New York Police Department (NYPD). Mr. Cohen served for 12 years as the NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence, a position established in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. He revolutionized the way the NYPD collected, analyzed and used intelligence, and leveraged traditional intelligence methods and relationships abroad to successfully protect New York City from another terrorist attack. During his 35-year CIA career, Mr. Cohen served as Deputy Director of Operations overseeing CIA's global network of personnel as well as its relationships with foreign government security and intelligence services. Prior to that, he was the CIA’s Associate Director of Intelligence, and oversaw all CIA economic, political and military analysis and reporting provided to the President and the nation's national security leadership.

Lon Augustenborg

Senior Advisor, Starr Companies

Mr. Augustenborg just completed a 35-year career in the CIA’s Clandestine Service which included nine field assignments on four continents.  His principal focus had been in Russia, Southeast Asia and Latin America. He has developed an especially good network of contacts and current, first-hand expertise on Cuba.  Throughout his CIA career, Mr. Augustenborg worked closely with numerous foreign partners providing training, assistance, and leadership of joint programs. He still maintains many of these valuable international contacts and has maintained close working relationships with a wide range of US-based companies.  During his exceptional CIA career, Mr. Augustenborg developed additional expertise on such subjects as counterintelligence (protecting one’s security), the global cyber threat, international terrorism, and risk-mitigation best practices in those disciplines. Prior to entering the CIA, Mr. Augustenborg was a Los Angeles Police Officer with assignments in the LAPD’s Intelligence Division, Public Affairs, and multiple uniform divisions working felony crimes.

David Lay

Senior Director, Starr Companies

Mr. Lay's primary role for the Starr Companies is to edit the Executive Intelligence Brief.  He also produces the quarterly Global Risk Matrix, which rates 200 countries for terrorism and other forms of political risk, with supporting commentaries for 140 nations. He performed a similar function for AIG before joining Starr in 2013. International security issues have figured large in Mr. Lay’s professional career, which began as a journalist and broadcaster with the BBC, covering the Northern Ireland ‘troubles’ in the 1970s. Turning to a specialization in the Middle East, he reported from Iran on the 1978-79 revolution and traveled extensively in the Arab world, interviewing leaders including Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Qadhafi, King Hussein and Yasser Arafat. As host of a flagship current affairs program on the BBC World Service, 1979-1991, Mr. Lay spanned political and economic risk on a global basis. In the years 1988-2000, he served as chief editor of Oxford Analytica, a prominent UK-based international consultancy.